Sunday, 28 October 2007


Telepathy is a communication between "minds" without using "sensory perceptions."

The origin of the word comes from the Greek TELE+PATHEIA. Tele means "remote," while Patheia means "to be affected by." The term suggests the "transfer" of thoughts or infromation from one mind to the other without using the ordinary, typical means of communication: our sensory five senses. People with very strong bonds and connections are said to be-sometimes- telepathetic; they can feel one another and understand each other without even usng signs.

ummm, Do you believe in telepathy?!


ħø$$Ý said...

WOW! ESP and paranormal topics YAY! :D

In general; Telepathy, Psychokinesis (ability to move stuff with mind only) and another ESP (Extra-sensory perception) are hard to prove if it's right or not. I saw movies and clips about people who done it. Roger Moore once made a movie about paranormals such as UFO, ESP and mystries in ancient civilisations (Inka, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, Babel, Thai). He talked about ESP and how it was a kind of a wepon in the cold war! yeah it was a war between the US and the USSR using ESPers for expermiting or just dreaming of a future where people communicate in Telepathy. Dr. Rhine was the first to try discovering that science.

The problem is there isn't any hard proves so it can't be considered a science. (it can't be experimented, it can't be re-done every time and give the same readings, it can't be mesuared like mass or hight; it's not a material science)
BUT still it's out there and you can sense it yourself and maybe see it if you are lucky enough(some likes to show-up, some don't even know they have it, and some don't want to show that they have it... and some are just nuts!)

As for my personal opennion, i do belive these kind of "things" exist, you sometimes think of someone and then he calls you, or you feel something bad happened then discover it really was. Too many examples we experiance as normal biengs but it can't be explained. WHY and HOW? And there is more amazing facts were recorded about it! A guy in Germany in the Nazi Era was able to read and control minds! Hitler and Stalin both wanted his head I guess!!

And from just my personal experiance it do exist if you trust your instincts. you can sense danger, see if that's a good person or not even without talking and you are probably right (not always, but commonly yeah) just that feeling in ur guts/stomach (duno y not the heart! :D) is probably right.

*nehal~* said...

i think that telepathy is a reality it happen when u love some one very much which make u begin to feel the same things he feels so its all about feeling not thoughts i remember once i had had a friend we love each other very much and we were spending most of our time togeather and i think we began to understand each other with out talking and our friends noted that. sometime we said the same words in the same time and this happen alot with alot of people but between me and my friend it was happened alot i think daily and when we were chating she was giving me answer before asking her questions _that made me scared_i thought that i am an x-girl or some thing but after that i realised that our feelings matched togeather and that we could feel each other so its all depends on how much u love some one and not about ur thoughts (walaho 23lam)

ħø$$Ý said...

hmm... I don't know how to say it...
But if the human brain has some kind of a frequancy, some read each other and some don't :)

Like a radio or transmitters; If we are on the same wave lenght (the same level of thinking or I don't know, spiritual level or something like that)
We just read each other minds and understand the way the other thinks. That's on the personal level :)