Thursday, 25 October 2007

Our first Looney Topic!

>>> "Hellllllo and Welllllcome to our Class' latest demented idea!!!!"

I'd love to hand the gigantic scissors to our

most beloved teachers to cut the ribbon
& let the MANIA begin!!!

We need VOTES! Lots and lots of VOT

What grabs your attention?? What do you want to TALK about?! What's your field of expertise? lol

YALLA!! Tell us! :D


ħø$$Ý said...

hmm... What's interests me? artistic stuff (poems, novels, drawings, sculptures...) I'm not good at anything of these i just enjoy them. It frees the soul :D

Open discussions; Any new topic to share experiences, think differently, open our minds to new thoughts and ideas :)

Ok, Heroic stories and Mythology, History (Medieval and Ancient... not a big fan of "Amercian" or modern history)

lool! wars, conflicts, battles...etc (hate them, but like to know how it ends :D some are very intersting)

Human limits; Human mind's abilities, ESP(Extra-sensory perception). Paranormal and Un-certain issues (Aliens, UFOs, Ghosts, .. etc)

Cyber culture; Internet, vertual world. Phelosophy is such a great study! but it may bores me and looks so pointless sometimes :D

Cultures; Arab, Europe (German, Spanish, Britsh, Italian), Asian (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) each has a way of thinking and have thier own specialties :D

Some pure science (Astronomy, Antomy, Biology, Geology, Pshycology, modern Physics, Physics, Chemestery, ...etc!) each scince deals with some facts and maybe habits which we do everyday without knowing why!

we can't list everything here... there is still lots and lots of ideas :( comedy, detective, spying, drama, thriller movies/stories! still there is music (another kind of art), and there is stuff i don't know about. stuff that doesn't interst me much (fashion, sports...)

it's just too many to think of.. :D how about you?? :D

~:: Malak ::~ said...

Awwalan it's SO great to know that I'm not the only chatterbox around here :P :P Hehe

Tab you wrote so much tamam, bass we need a suggestion for the first topic for now..

Most of what you mentioned does grab my attention but, imho, isn't deep enough for this project. Walla eih?

3an nafsy, I usually have alot to say when it comes to analyzing a person's inner feeling, motives and actions masalan..
I don't know ya3ni, we need MORE ideas to pic the best.

Yalla VOTE!

ħø$$Ý said...

Ok, let's start with ourselves... (but we still need to know what the others think of it, to know the "Main stream" and what are you thinkin' :D )

And, Yeah... It was a bit deep to start with that... But i tried to cover everything (what I'm already intersted in, and what is not) So help me with that one... I just want to know what is the most common intersets around us.

COME ON!! All I want from you guys is to just write... I'll help and comment on everything.. But just try to start something, anything... It will keep on going. Don't you worry about that, don't u fear looking stupid! we all learn from our mistakes and YEAH! I'm the biggest stupid around here so no one will take that name from me :P.. Once it started it will never stops, but i want some others to start anything, talk about yourselves... ANYTHING! Cartoons (my favorite ^_^), movies, music, current events, poltics (yeah yeah..I know what's gonna happen. BUT i don't care as long as we will talk and wirte about something:D) I'm open to everything however it may seem exotic and strange...

As Nike always say: Just Do It! =)

Lina said...

Hehe! i JUST realized that the new blog is working! :D

Nice to see ur already active!! foza3 ento walahy!

umm,there's this point I just like to make clear. Yep, it's an essay mania and everything, but u know ONE SENTENCE can provoke you to write this whole "essay" we're talkin about. So for example someone can start by posting the "sentence" as "PART I" of the topic, while PART 2 is the comment (the reaction of reading the sentence, which hopefully will turn out to be an essay" ....

I dunno there's a wide variety of topics, what would you like to start with! :D I'm ready with anything. However, i do prefer all literary stuff along with humanity issues and all controversial topics ...maleesh f science n medicine hehe! :) bas whatever u like .....


~:: Malak ::~ said...

VERY clever miss Lina!! Now that's more like it! :D

Msh zay write about kaza, hateb2a way more provocative and stimulating lamma teb2a a sentence or so!

Esp. if the sentence itself had a controversial idea or an idea that only a few would agree with... I guess ya3ni.

I, myself , VOTE for miss Lina's suggestion for the way to start the mania lol :P

And to narrow it down, I'll pick "Humanity Issues" and "Controversial Subjects" we haskot.

ħø$$Ý said...

ok ok... Now I don't know what to vote for -_-

"Controversial Subjects" as a start. Something like Internet (something we already talked about in class so ppl don't get freaked out! plus we can never settle it up so we can keep on talkin', talkin' and talkin':D)

miss Lina, U R TOTALY RIGHT! :D that's why I try to cover everything so if anyone likes anything can find what interests him/her.

THANX Malak :)

Maie said...

Okay you guys i feel like i've missed alot be4 joinin' this amazing blog !
the entire idea of a space for us to talk in is amazing !
i'd actually go for the controversial issues
i hust love to talk about certain interesting issue and guess what i just lobe discussions !!
omg i just love to talk and have ma own point of view .
I actually believe in that quote "In any issue there are three sides ,your side,my side and teh right side "
so who's gonna be the other side ??
hehe gr8 work guys!

ħø$$Ý said...

k Maie :) what do u want to talk about? or u just wanna talk to "talk"? :D

btw, 3 sides maybe... my side, ur side and the "Nuetral" side (not the right for sure but niether with nor with me :P) [J/K] :D

Lina said...

Thank you guys! :) I already have a topic in mind ;)An extremely controversial one kman ;)

Maie, ur right! :) There are at least 2 different sides of the same story, and this makes a lot of difference. In order to judge something fairly, you have to learn about it from all prespectives so you can form a specific idea of what ur tryin to judge. :D

Malookyz tell me how am i supposed to post b2a the "provoking idea," as i told you there's no "new post" on top of the page?

~:: Malak ::~ said...

Aslan I re-sent the invitation. 3'areebaaaaa!!

tyb I'll send 3ala both inboxes we check them ba2a...

Can't wait to know all about the ideaaa!! :D :D