Saturday, 27 October 2007


Finally we're going to start discussing, arguing and criticizing! Phew~!

Ok, I decided to give you the first push. You said you like some controversial issues, and here I am exploring one of the most controversial topics. Let me hear your opinions.

I remember, at one point of my life, that I used to condemn homosexuals and look down upon them. However, my whole attitude changed after I read this article somewhere which presented the "other" truth about people who are sexually attracted to their own gender. The article exposed a number of interviews with people who have undergone this kinda operation to change their sex! At first, i was like YUCK! What are these people thinking exactly, but as I told you, after I finished reading i really felt sympathetic!

There are actually two kinds of homosexuals. Those who have a problem with their "feelings" as in they're attracted to people of the same gender, and those who have a problem with their "genitals" as in they are born with both male and female genital organs. I don't want to go into details because i want to hear you talk, but i'll just make it brief. I think that the former type suffers from a psychological disorder. You never know WHY he/she is attracted to their own sex, which is strange enough! May be they had a bad experience as children and they're displacing their mistreatment sexually when they became mature. On the other hand, those who are born with both genitals really suffer! They feel they're "living in a body that's not their own" as explained in that article. Medical doctors say that the latter type MUST undergo this kind of operation to be able to go on, and they stress that they never do this operation to those who don;t need because of course they meet up with cases who just want to undergo the operation for the sake of changing their gender and that's it!!! (but what about doctors who have do not respect their profession?)

The real problem is: how are we supposed to deal with these people particularly as individuals and generally as a society which considers all "sexual" issues a tabboo! I myself can't imagine myself dealing with a lesbian! Sure, i wont feel easy even if i try to convince myself, but at the same time i guess i should respect this kind of sickness! According to me, homosexuality is nothing but a certain deform ...there are no proofs that it is a result of "wrong genes." In that way, it CAN be treated! Also if we look at the natural order of life, we will find that the whole issue is contradicting to the reality created by God.

Homosexuals, in my point of view, should have same rights as "straight" people because some of them are even more productive! However, when it comes to personal interaction i prefer to just avoid them without hurting their feelings.

So?? Com'on wanna see ur ESSAYS!!!


maiouya said...

Well,thats a sensitive one actually !
but its true and found so lets face it
Actually i've read alot before about that issue and i've asked maself if i knew that this neighbour of mine was lesbian (or gay)and it was like a coincidence that we were in the same elevator at the same time ,will i feel comfortable? and before i answer ma self i've felt another voice(all inside me:D)sayin what inside one elevator !so the answer is obvious here :D
aAt another level i mean as example lets say i have a partner at work or ma boss or whatever its like a work relation ship lets face it !i gotta admit it ,i wont be at ease but i'll do ma best to be formal:P i mean yeah i dont like them and it feels weird but c'mone its work now !
so what am sayin here is that there are two levels concering treating those ppl ,firslt i'd like to demonstrate that they have to get the same rights as we get and they have to be respected as citezens,one level is the personal level and that actualy varies from one person to another according to beliefs and cultures,the other level is the formal one ,and that one i guess should be generally normal.Actually there are alot of aspects that should be concerned WANNA HAVE DISCUSSION !!!
come on you ppl !!

ħø$$Ý said...
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ħø$$Ý said...

hmm.. As long they stay away from me.. And keeps his/her limits then I DON'T CARE! :D I have nothing agnist him as a homo or anything... Yeah, I feel kinda disgust but i have to respect him as he respects me. Like said before some have real problems and it's not thier choice. While others are just perverts and have very twisted ways of thinking things through, I don't care about them either. I'll vote for they do whtever they want as long it's not related dierctly to me (it's just a personal openion) they don't need my aproval on something they already belive in or do or whatever...

So now I have dealing with them as neighbours, schoolmate, co-worker (part of the society) I have to look at him/her regardless of what's thier sexual orientation, race, relegion.... etc. To me at this time we are all equal.

But as for my personal life as friends or whatevr, it's hard but like I have friends of diffrent races and believes, what's the problem having some of diffrent sexual orientation? It worth trying, at least to know how they see things :D

In reality it's harded than how I talk about it right now... MUCH more harder! But to be fair with them first as human biengs who have rights, second as a part of our society and last as a fact that can't be denied (yeah it's to obvious and it's very sick in public!)

The biological problem (genitals, hermones...etc) isn't the biggest prolem, can be delt with one way or another. The real problem is the psychological for those who have biological problem and those who beilive they have a biological problem! And those who belive they live in another body (most are beliveing it cause they just love bieng diffrent, as a way of some mental disorder related to Machousism, Sadism - just personal openion - or whatever) but still a problem.

Another problem is people always deal whith what they don't know or what's not like them as freaks, monsters! they panic easly and think of the worst and deal as if they are a threat! that leads to great tension between all of us.

lool, In media there are lots of examples, "Naruto" (Japanese Anime, first it talks about a boy who's parents were killed in action, and a great fearful beast/demon was sealed in his body. That makes the whole village fear Naruto - the boy - and deal with him as if he were the beast himself! Till oneday he saved the village cause he cares about people there and people likes him! On the other hand another boy called Garaa, have the same kind of beast/demon sealed inside him but the other village is cruel an dealed with Garaa as the monster himself. So he dealed with them in the same manner as a monster who lacks in love and looking forward to prove himself by killing whoever or whatever stands in his way! That village created a monster out of a boy. and Konoha - the first village - createde a caring boy boy who saved them from great danger!)
The point form that story is, we are the ones who determine the end of the story by the way we deal with it. Diffrances between us is not always bad! We can use it as advantage (like Naruto, he used his rage to defend the village. While Garaa was willing to use his despair and grief to destroy everyone one his way!! later on the story he became more caring than everyone else - even Naruto - and he sacrified his own life to spare his village from un-necesary death)

Another famous movie talked about that issue is "Planet of the Apes", I'll let u talk about it cause I talked too much this time =D I guess I'm a bit carried-away!

What i see is not homosexuals problems only. Racism that let some of our society feel like an outcast, leads to violance and hatred.

~:: Malak ::~ said...

Ana lessa ma2aretsh bass I have to say was PRETTY shocked men el 3enwan aslan! :S

awwel ma2dar a2ra kol da ha comment isA :D

~:: Malak ::~ said...

Howa awwalan I have to say that I'm EXTREMeLY conservative 3ala el "points of view" men na7yet el 7okm fel mawadee3 elle already discussed religiously.

I mean, that I can't pretend to agree with someone who would suggest that "it's okay to become a homosexual as long as there's an excuse or explanation." In my opinion, having psychological issues doesn't make it any less wrong. There IS no excuse. It's sick, perverted & can only be practiced by people who have serious issues!

Aside from that, those unfortunate others with different physical characteristics than the normal human body are definately subjects to various types of confusions.
I sympathise with them but I have absolutely no idea how it should be like to be in their place. That's why I'm not in a place to judge them.

We as for dealing with them, it must be uncomfortable -true- but I don't see it as such a dilemma ya3ni. If you know someone keda, deal with them and get over it.
Msh di el point. El point enn da moral corruption and by all means has to be stopped from growing around us.

3'er enny msh shayfa 7aga tanya tet2al, honestly speaking, I don't even feel comfortable discussing an issue so sensitive besara7a.

You might see it as being afraid of talking about a deep subject or simply following a long line of people regarding this is as a taboo..
But for me, it simply makes me VERY uncomfortable to talk alot about.
I'm surprised I wrote that much.

Anonymous said...

first of all i'd like 2 comment that the topic is gr8 and is well balanced. anyway i'm not sure i agree that as lon as they r away its fine; i think that means they r pathetic and we r nice people which is in away racist u r bascally syin i am right they r wrong although u urself said its not really there fault.
it wouldnt make sense that a normal person decides one day to be homosexual i think 2 b a homosexual u have to go through either a sexual abuse or a genetic deform. so if knw a homosexual my standerds won't include the fact that he/she is gay.

ħø$$Ý said...

hmm... Malak, of course you are right about it's all said and judged by relgions... But in other countries? other than muslims/christians/jews?? other than arab? the word "Other" we have to put some rules to deal with that "other"!

We all know in islam it's NOT OKAY at all... It's one of the greatest sins ever thought of as human or demons. But that doesn't mean anything but ignorance and stupidity, so in every relgion. It was only ok in some cultures that wasn't a good model of anything but how human desires and sins can end up nations! (Greek, Romans, Pharohs, some far-east asian cultures.. all were "Vanished" in someway from the books of history) But anyway, it's a taboo and not authorised by anyway!! (exceptions were to prove it was a taboo e.g. Caligula the most loonatic, mad, perverted, sick, sadistic emperor who ruled Rome)

One of the main concepts about islam is Freedom, you are free to accept the whole relgion or leave it! It's your wish, you live and you are the one who's going to be doomed after all. Still we talk with logic and what's good and what's bad for all of us! well, to shorten the scientific talk check this out:
just to know how it's not a good thing for you general/mental health. I'm not saying this but you have a brain, use it to find out out the effects and what's good for you and do it!

The problem is we don't live in this world alone, and we have to meet/deal with other diffrent types/kinds of people than us! differ in race/natioanlty/beliefe... etc. etc.! Here is one type homosexuals. How are you going deal with them? :D (too bad it's now getting even worse and worst! thanx to the bloody MEDIA! 7asbeya Allah we ne3m el wakeel fi 3emaret ya3qobian... etc. :$ ) I'm not telling you that you have to or you will meet. but just in case, what do u have in mind?

And for Mr.(X) vister :D yeah you do have a point, but. still why is it wrong or something? some decide to be homos cause they can't wait to know the other gender! That's not anybodies fault but thier own...
Sexual abuse or a genetic deform can be treated physcologocly for the good of us all. Who don't have a problem in life that can change his life for good? the best part of living is Resisting and keep on going agnist the stream. To build is much hareder and more fun than to destroy. To start over after a disaster is much better than just living without anytroubles in your life then quitting and giving up.
If he/she decided to be gay for whatever the reason is, then it's fine! Just don't blame me or the society on something wrong i didn't make :D right? as long ur on you way and i'm on my way and we r on good terms with each other, what's the problem? :D

Lina said...

OMG! kol di comments! :)

ummm i have nothing more to say i guess lol ...

Bas only one thing. I never agreed that their should be any kind of sexual freedom, whether we're talking about homosexuality or pre-marital sex cuz in the end it's all forbidden in Religion(whatever religion we're talking about). However, when i said that SOME are psychologically sick and that's the way they react, i meant that they're not totally blamed for it bardo. In a sense they do not say "I am a psycho, this is my excuse!" But they think they're naturally born like that! TAB3AN this should be discussed with a doctor cuz it's aganist nature and religion!

Actually the main point of discussin such topic was to show you how matters can have a different turn if ur looking from another prespective.

Homosexuality is a reality; we cannot just pretend that it's fake ...on the contrary, we have to face it and TRY to find solutions to diminish this kind of sickness!

Lina said...

Ummm, to Malook bas!

Gurl you made me feel guilty aslan! Reading that ur not comfortable discussin such sensitive topics ...mmm i dunno!

Well, "discussin" in itself may be one way to get rid of such negative realities in our lives; it's like the first step. Secondly, we're actually talking about the fact and it's effect on our everyday human relationships and interactions. I would never allow myself to discuss any particular details! No way y3ny! It;s just that we've been raised in a society who prefers to wear a mask and hide the truth. In other words, we know that some things are actual facts around us ut we pretend to not even hear about them. Tab w leh bas!

Anyway! I think u guys should give me a list of your "limits" ... what exactly don;t u want to talk about 3ashan 7aram i don't anyone of you to feel uncomfortable while discussin. Asli what's the point of creating this blog nyway b2a? we need to open a subject that we all agree upon! The thing is I'm used to discussing these "sensitive" topics orally at college! I've spent 4 years arguing about such stuff FACE TO FACE! sorry for not understanding!

Ha will open the next topic (eb3edo 3any ana b2a) (A)

~:: Malak ::~ said...

>> About miss Lina's last post bass <<

I'm SO SORRY that I made you feel even a tincy bit bad about it!! :S I was simply expressing how I felt about it.

You're absolutely right about the kind of society we've been raised in. We DO tend to wear masks instead of discussing sensitive issues- it's always been like that. And that's just wrong! We need to face our deamons and discuss the problems in order to find a suitable solution.

And that's precisely why I HAD to answer wallahi. Begad again I'm SO sorry I made you feel bad about it, I didn't mean to 5ALES! :(

we ba3deen it's not mawdoo3 limits we keda,, bass I guess I just was shy to talk freely about it because it's such a disgusting matter. I hope you know how I feel ,, maybe I'm too sensitive, ma3rafsh :D

Tab neutrally keda, miss Lina, do you think me feeling uncomfortable about discussing such a matter is doing what our society is used to?

2oli besara7a :D 3ashan ana nafsy msh 3arfa ra2ii eih fe keda.

Lina said...

Ummm, honey don't say sorry! msh 3rfa 3ala eh aslan!

I'll tell u what i think myself. It's definitely natural to feel shy discussing such sensitive issues, but you sometimes need to defy and force urself to do things ur somehow uncomfortable about. To put it in another way, It's 100% true that these kinda issues are not easily discussed cuz of the serious controversial issues they hold within, but the mere fact that ur trying to solve one of the raised questions about these controversies by a simple action like having a civilized discussion means a lot too!

You're not submitting to the way society requires from us, not totally. I'll be honest with you ... 4 years ago i used to feel uncomfortable when i discussed such matters ...bas u can say that i've grown to get exposed to a lot of sensitive problems like these through the readings and discussions we had in college, and this all ended out by developing my character. I'm open-minded, yet i keep my limits bardo! u get me? May be afterwards when u read a lot about such stuff from different angles w keda u'll totally understand what i mean :D Reading in itself helps u to gain experience in some fields u never deal with in real life!

Keep it up gurl! U've got a character ;)

howa bas i felt guilty as in ..."am i spoiling them" *eyes rolling*

~:: Malak ::~ said...

:D I understand tab3an.

You see, I'm trying to balance between all what you said elle howwa discussing those issues and between that innate feeling of "shyness".

Talking deeper ba2a, I believe enn our innate nature -as it is- is absolutely priceless. It's utimately the best way to judge things in life.

For example, there's a beautifully wierd fact that states that when a cat steals food, it instantly runs away and eats it in a hidden corner; the cat knows that stealing is wrong but only because of the nature within the cat, not because the cat could deduct such a fact.

Hope you realise it's just an example ana maba2olsh ennena benesra2!! Hahaha :P

Bass my point was enny msh 3ayza akawem 7aga gowaya because it usually suggests the best action to do.

Yemken in this case I could be wrong, we yekoon el e7sas da mogarrad 7aga men gowaya ana ( aw men ta2seer el mogtama3 3alaya ), we at the same time, momken yekoon el human nature.

Darn, I should've written the last part in Eng. :P Yalla.. next time ba2a :P :P

Lina said...

hehe! Yeah I get u :) You have a point bardo! :)

*nehal~* said...

what a sensitive issue ,actully i think that those people do that cause they are sick or some thing and its not easy for them to treat themselves they are not freaks or something they are humans have their right the same to the other people guess that ur boss is a gay you will stop dealing with him!sure not acually u could found a gay pearson who respect his work very much so u will find ur self respect him so if they respect us we must respect them i know its not an easy task to deal with some one and u know that he is a gay but we must try this was about the psychological illness ,about biological one i think these people have a ral problem and need us to be with them the are not the reason of what happened for them and they need to treat them like any one else