Friday, 9 November 2007


what is fanaticism ?

when u r convinced 100% that ur opinion is the right one and other peoples' opinion is nothing and u also don't want to be convincible and u don't want ever to hear to the other's opinion ...~,.

.~typs of fanaticism~.

,.~1-religion fanaticism ;
and this considered to be the worest one because it caused alot of problem like when some one don't want to hear any opposite ideas about his religion

2-sport fanaticism;

specily foot ball and this the most popluer one as every one think that his team is the best team the others are nothing and if u try to have a conversation with him about this he will convulsived and may be fighting with u......and there is the national fanaticism and the classes fanaticism and thoughts fanaticism ...etc

is fanaticism cosidered a bad thing?

the answer is yes


cause fanaticism make the human shut and don't have the ablty to know about others' thoughts and so he won't want any one to be different so no one would help him to know right things from wrong ones and he will be alone and closed minded

and actully i am a fanatical but fanaical aginst fanaticism...

and now what about u ? are u fanatical ? what's ur opinion about fanaticism? do u have any fanatical friends? do u have any situation u had to be fanatical for something?~,.


~:: Malak ::~ said...

bravo ya bunnyyyyy
eih el shatara di!!! Ana kont arrabt afteker enn ma7addesh fiko beye3mel el mini-researches dool..
Begad it's a GREAT way to learn; when any of us finds out about an interesting word, website, book, hobby,.. etc. & tells the rest about it explaining the pros and cons.. yasalaaam :D :D LOL

Seriously begad bravo awi, keep it up!!

And I hope it worked, I've been trying to pure my purge my soul of fanaticism of any kind :D
luv u

Lina said...

This is definitely a good way of learning new words and information in general. Yes, it's nice to share as Malak just said ;)

Keep it up, and others yala move! Show me what u got ;)

Ummm, as far as i'm concerned i guess i'm all opposing what "fantacism" hold with meanings! Not me not I hehehe :D

~:: Malak ::~ said...

purge my soul* :P

ħø$$Ý said...

lool, anyone saw the match yesterday? El-Ahly & El-Negm El-Sahely?????

Who ever saw it must have seen some of the "fanaticism" in our arab community, whether it's here in Egypt or anywhere on this planet, maybe in the whole universe as well hehe!

Relgious Fantacism is the most dangerous; cause it's a very senstive issue and specially in closed counteries like the Arab. No one here ever want to think that there is an 0.001% that he is wrong! lool, we are all here think of the absolutes. That's not healthy at all! Imagine a Christian and a Muslim and a Hindu had a fight here in Egypt! here is the image I have in mind; the Hindu will be badly beaten! 1 of his friends will tell the others and they will be so frustrated even in India! They will have a civil war in India with the Muslims (Hindu around 600 Million & Muslims in India around 100 Million)!! A Muslim will have fight with a Christian here in Egypt cause he thinks he is the one to blame! The Christian will be badly beaten then we will have another Civil war here!! Christians all over the world will come to aid Christians in Egypt.... then the Hindu will have a fight with the Christinas cause they remebered what was the fight for in the first place!... and so on! they will just keep fighting and fighting and fighting.... lool! stupid huh? :D

We have 2 main problems; (A) People will stand by the storngest, the most popular or the the one who looks better (lool, sometimes happens) even if he is wrong without even knowing what's going on (like an Iraqi having a fight with a Kuwiti, The Kuwity without even knowing what he has done will be the one to blame)
(B) Some will stand by his relatives, clan, tribe or whatever even that he knows 100% that he is mistaken! (a fight between Qa7tany and Johany... All who carry the name Qa7tan will stand by the Qa7tany even if he killed the other! same to the Joahany, every one who carries the name will stand by his side)

I know this may sound like something good for some... But it's not fair! Yeah I'll stand by my brother to the end but if he is a bad person and he did something wrong he has to pay for it. Same to me... If I did something, I'm alone responsible for it and I'm the one who will correct this mistake. Some help will be great! SOME not much! A few stands by my side will be more than enough (few = less than 10).

Alliance and co-operating are worthy of huge companies, copertains and countries... But as Civillians, common people who live here; it's SO WRONG! Cause it's complicated, needs a leader and officers, consults...etc (a whole ranking system) and educated, trained indviuals on some level. Just notice how a crowd act anywhere and you will get the point! it's MADNESS!

Anyway, what we all agree is "fantacism" is such an un-healthy idea that makes some sick and makes some high and the others un-comfy. What we need is support, careing and a some help from our brothers BUT fair and square. I don't want to feel injustice or inequality, whether I'm the one who is injust or I'm who lost my right. It's so cruel and it's makes me feel guilty to share this kind of act.

*nehal~* said...

thanks malok i hope that u all like it and i really want every one to make that search for information and share it with us and i am sure that will be very useful and we help us to know more informations about alot of new subjects and i hope that every one do the same and trying to pure his mind and soul of fantaicism of any kind

*nehal~* said...

i happy that u like it miss lina and i promis to keep it up and i think that it is a very good way of learning actully sharing every thing information,ideas,point view all of that make us rais our knowlage about a lot of important things