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Applied Drama & Roleplaying..

Applied Drama is an umbrella term for the wider use of drama practice in a specific social context and environment. This practice doesn't have to take place in a conventional theater space. It can be shared with, or created for, a specific audience making them the starting point and the driving force for what is often a personal based exploration.

Applied Drama can be a therapeutic medium, using narrative and both real or imagined story as a tool to examine shared experiences through a dramatic framework. It uses symbols and role play to allow us a point of entry into the 'self', and as a vehicle for exploring the relationship between knowledge and action.

What the audience perceives and contributes categorises the very nature of Applied Drama,
for example, Theatre in Education (TIE), Drama in Education (DIE), Community Drama and Prison Theatre. It requires the participants to be willing, truthful and honest, tapping into feelings to provoke responses and sometimes to encourage change.

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Role Playing:

For entertainment:
Role-playing in the form of historical re-enactment has been practiced by adults for millennia as well. The ancient Romans, Han Chinese, and medieval Europeans all enjoyed occasionally organizing events in which everyone pretended to be from an earlier age, and entertainment appears to have been the primary purpose of these activities. Within the 20th century historical reenactment has often been pursued as a hobby.

Another role-playing tradition is the improvisational theatre tradition. This goes back in some sense to the Commedia dell'Arte tradition of 16th century. Modern improvisational theatre began in the classroom with the "theatre games" of Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone in the 1950's. Viola Spolin, who was one of the founder the famous comedy troupe Second City, insisted that her exercises were games, and that they involved role-playing as early as 1946,
but thought of them as training actors and comics rather than as being primarily aimed at being fun in their own right.

Role-playing games

A role-playing game is a type of
game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.


ħø$$Ý said...

OK... I have to admit it. You hit a spot with that post! :D

To be honest i was mostly intrseted in the last part... RPG (Role Playing Games) cause I'm addicted to it, from GaiaOnline to Darkthrone, KingOfChaos and SilkroadOnline...

True, the most itersting part of these games os that you do your own character, you control the game :D You are the one that makes his own story ;)

If I applied this in genral (role-playing and Drama)... WOW! that's AWESOME! You know what I mean? How important is the applied drama? How we can use it? Other than that... Do you realise how much fun to be part of a RPG? To exprince new things? It's such a great way of teaching and learning in the same time :D

~:: Malak ::~ said...

exactly ya Moh'd!!! wel 7a2i2a ana 2olt a3arraf el nass ma3loomat gedida 3an el role playing wel applied drama 3omooman abl ma nebtedy el chain-story sequels,,

I think they're very similar esp. ennaha betehtamm be each and everyone's point of view, we bet7ottohom in a dramatical frame we kaman bet3allemna 7agat keteera wet7assen our English!!

e7na begad lazem nebtediha we nehtamm biha..

*nehal~* said...

bsra7a ya malk el mawdo3 mashadenesh 2wy w bsra7a ana mosh fahma 2nty 3ayza toasly 2h bezab w malesh nfs 2geb camos ganby so momken 7d ya5odny 3ala 2d 3a2ly w yfahmny

ħø$$Ý said...

Nehal! ya welcome ya welcome :D

el mawdoo3 we ma feeh... el fekra beta3tek beta3et qeset kol 7'amees, ben3raf el nas 3aleeha we neshoof ely hay7sal! e7na 3ayzeen kol wa7ed ye2ool ra2yo be el shakl ely howa 3ayzo.. ya3ny mafeesh aktar men keda Democaretia ;)

we isA 3ala ma3dana ba3d el quizzat ha nebda2 nekteb feeha :D we awel post isA el 7'amees (ya rab nel7a2 ne7'alas we ne3mel el post 7'amees! ya rab!! )

*nehal~* said...

ok ya basha isa nl72 n5alsha wtb2a gamda

ħø$$Ý said...

recomendation for RPG games! :P

Community: ;)

Wargames is like summoning an army, manging your castle defences, building you economey (most girls don't like these games but BELIVE ME some does and they ROCK! they are like in the top 10 or top 25! it's like chess somehow)

MMORPG: Masive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. the most popular is Silkroad online. this kinda games are a world on it's own (chatting, playing, questing, building a character, trading, hunting for money, thiefing, makeing alliances with other clans and guilds, raising animls...) IT'S SO DEEEEEEEEEEEEP and OPEN ENDED!

Community is making new friends, dressing up ur character, building a home, design it, ....etc
it's perfect for softplaying with nothing intense (like, except for Gaia is the sweetest ;)